Educators' Resources


Click here for a thirty-page Educator's Guide aligned with Core Curriculum State Standards and the Virginia Standards of Learning for English, history/social studies, and Virginia studies. Created by educator and author Debbie Gonzales, the guide features pre- and post-reading discussion questions, historical sequencing and matching manipulatives, and compare/contrast and storytelling activities appropriate for grades 2-4. 

The educator's guide is full of fun ideas to get students thinking about the people, places, and events in Under the Freedom Tree, as well as the various techniques the author and illustrator used to convey the powerful story.


Click here for a dramatic Readers Theater script to engage students in the Under the Freedom Tree story and enhance reading comprehension and fluency and speaking skills.


Click here for an abridged, one-sheet version of the Educator's Guide, a useful sample of the Common Core-aligned Under the Freedom Tree guide.

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